Rubber zones for Warhammer 40K – Destroyed Square – 5 pcs


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Year 2023
Features Painted
Age Level 12-16 Years
17 Years & Up
Country/Region of Manufacture Poland
Character Family Warhammer 40K

These sets of rubber zones, measuring 12 x 6 inches (30.5 x 15 cm) each, is meticulously crafted to provide a tactical and visually striking element to your Warhammer 40K battles. Each rubber zone is precision-cut with detailed designs, offering designated areas that align with the strategic requirements of Warhammer 40K gameplay. These zones help demarcate key areas such as deployment zones, objective areas, and other important tactical spaces, ensuring clarity and organization during intense battles. Crafted from high-quality rubber, these zones not only add a visual flair to your gaming table but also serve a practical purpose. The rubber material provides a non-slip surface, keeping your miniatures securely in place during the heat of battle. The durability of the material ensures long-lasting use, withstanding the rigors of regular gameplay. Designed with the Warhammer 40K player in mind, these rubber zones offer easy integration into your gaming setup. The compact size makes them convenient for use on a variety of tabletops, and their portability allows for seamless transportation to gaming events. Basic features of 2D terrains: High-quality printAnti-slip, rubber underlayScratch and crush resistant, machine washableLaser-cut so the edges do not frayPerfect for most battle games, they can replace or harmonize with 3D elements of the terrainEasy storage and quick game setup We are Polish manufacturer of playmats and accessories for tabletop miniature, card, board and role-playing games. Our products are widely used by players all around the world, both those playing recreational games in their homes and those playing top-level games on the largest tournaments (for example on Warmachine&Horders 2016 World Team Championship). You may also see our products at your local gaming stores and tournaments. But most of all it is our passion, which can be seen in the quality of the products we create and sell. On a regular basis, you can meet us during the gaming events around the world – Essen Spiel in Germany, Salute in the UK or Pyrkon in Poland to name a few. We don?t limit ourselves to producing just the brand items – we work with game designers and publishers all over the world, supplying them with mats and other accessories, that later end on your tables and make gaming even more immersive.

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