Multi piece Skyscraper w/ Hex Base, Tabletop War Game Terrain Battletech (6mm)


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Brand Resinant Miniatures
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Elevate your Battletech gaming experience with these exceptional 3D printed buildings by Resinant Miniatures. Designed for Battletech maps, these structures offer unparalleled detail, realism, and versatility.Key Features:Perfect 6mm Scale: Each building is meticulously designed to be in perfect scale with your Battletech miniatures, ensuring an immersive and realistic gaming environment.Hexed for Battletech Maps: These buildings come pre-hexed, seamlessly integrating into your Battletech maps for quick and easy setup.Sleek and Mysterious in Black: Our buildings are 3D printed in striking black, enhancing the visual appeal of your tabletop battles.Miniature-Ready: Please be aware that the buildings do not include tanks or other miniatures shown in the pictures. This allows you the flexibility to use your favorite miniatures and customize your gaming experience.Crafted by Resinant Miniatures: Trust in the quality of Resinant Miniatures, a renowned name in the gaming community known for their attention to detail and durability. All combine together.

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