Bulk Lot 28mm Terrain Concrete Traffic Barriers Tabletop Terrain


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Are you a Imperial Guardsmen needing to block some bolter fire? A storm trooper taking cover from some Rebel Fire? Look no further! No table can ever have enough scatter terrain! At least that’s how my gaming group plays. However the cost always adds up and it can get expensive. That’s why instead of selling you a few barrels for $10-20 I’ve thrown a bunch of concrete barricades (estimated to be 3-4x what most the others offer) in one box for you to help you put together an epic table. Great for cover, to line a road, to put on the back of a model 18 wheeler and whatever else you need. Perfect scale for:Warhammer 40KBolt ActionStar Wars Legion (recommended that you put them on bases as Legion bases are very thick (see pictures)) I designed and printed these myself on one of my two FDM 3D printers. They are already printed and ready to ship. They come UNPAINTED and are 28mm/32mm scale. For all you dirty space marine players out there keep in mind that a space marine is 8ft tall in armor and a concrete traffic barrier is only 3ft tall. Also Space Marines shouldn’t be taking cover. Unpainted picture shows everything you get at a minimum when you purchase (occasionally I’ll throw in an extra piece or two that I have laying around). You get 8 fresh, 8 with wear and tear, 4 with a broken end and 4 with a broken middle. Items will come partially stuck together in a 3D printer’s version of a sprue. If you want a custom size of some kind, message me and I will send you a quote.

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